Sunday, 18 March 2012



Work is a measure of change of energy.

The net work done equals the change in Kinetic Energy (this is the Work-Energy Theorem).

Work is the integral of the scalar product (dot-product) of two vectors: Force and Displacement. "Displacement" means the change in position of the point at which the force is applied.

So Work is a scalar (an ordinary number), with dimensions of mass times distance-squared over time-squared.

The SI unit is the amount of Work done by a Force of one newton acting over a displacement of one metre, and is called the joule (J), or newton-metre (N-m).

Work is the integral of the dot product of force and displacement.


For a constant force, work is the dot product of the force with the total displacement.


The above work equals the magnitude of the force times the magnitude of the displacement times the cosine of the angle between the force and displacement:



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