Sunday, 18 March 2012

Rotational Kinetic Energy, Work and Power

Kinetic energy, work, and power are defined in rotational terms as K.  
E=(1/2) Iω2, W= tθ, P= tω.

Comparison of dynamics equation for linear and rotational motion. 
The dynamic relations are given to compare the equation for linear and rotational motion (see Table 1 ).
TABLE 1 Comparison of Dynamics Equations for Linear and Rotational Motion
Linear Motion Rotational Motion
Newton's second law F = ma t = Iα
Momentum p = mv L = Iω
Work W= FΔ x or W = ∫ F·dx W= tΔθ or W = ∫ t·dθ
Kinetic energy K· E·=½ mv2 K· E·=½ Iω2


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